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W bricks !! This is for all my #wiggteam #wiggfamily ! Reading a book that tells me to change on purpose, always walk a different path when routine strikes- the author says to “get lost on purpose” these words were fresh in my mind when i took my lunch break so I did…. I went for a walk , found a secluded London beach 😂 and started to throw stones into the #thamesriver . Saw a few bricks a decided to make a pile like a child, for whatever reason.. I walk over to a brick I pick it up and turn it over !! Full star of David sacred geometrical hyrophant symbol staring at me, #WIGG I thought— if that wasn’t enough to send a sync hippie over the edge, the wigg force that drives this madness decided to mangle further - why Is there a W in the middle of the star??? This amazing find came back to the #sumthinkspiritualzengarden after being washed up in the shore of the Thames for god knows how long! Beautiful world, full power surge — the brick is quite rare I find out, one has been found on the Thames before Aa they are from a company up north, 20th century called “Staffordshire blue💙” the W was the company sig - 2014 wigg #love #london #wigg #hope #apophenicart #sumthinkspiritual #sumthinklondon #surreal42 #gethigh #geometry #sacredgeometry #starofdavid #synch #sync#symbols #synchronicity #higherself #gaia

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